• 5.1 Surround Sound

      We mix the sound tracks of your audiovisual content, to impact your viewers with an immersive experience.

    • We create the sound universe your audiovisuals need.

    • With the latest technology equipment, we eliminate unwanted sounds.

    • Foley

      We recreate in the studio the movements and effects that you require, using a creative and artistic way.

    • Dialogue Edition

      We boost the recording, selecting the best quality files.

    • ADR Automated Dialogue Replacement

      If you need to say it better to make it look natural, we have the experience to do so.

    • With the latest technology, we record your sounds on location.

    • Do you want to ensure the quality of production sound? Let an expert advise you!

    • Mix for TV, radios and high impact digital media.

    • Your image reaching other countries is very important. We record and mix the dialogues of your productions in other languages.

    • We generate the international band for your audiovisual

    • We create original music for audiovisuals.